Raves – what to expect


Rave wearPrior to attending your first rave, it is important that you become fully aware of the rave world and the things that go along with it. Becoming aware of how ravers are and the values they instil is a great start. The worldwide rule of P.L.U.R. – the acronym for “Peace, Love, Unity, Respect” – is a rule many ravers follow. Disobeying it may lead to fellow dancers shunning you until you comply. Respect your dance floor, other dancers and the DJ, and you’ll fit in just fine. Understanding he drug myth within raves is important. Many people think of drug abuse when thinking of raves. Whilst ecstasy is commonly used dancers, it is not rife at all raves, and those that rave dance solely for fun take it offensively. Develop an interest for different types of music. As discussed earlier, there are a wide variety of different styles associated with rave music, so speak to fellow ravers, look through online forums or seek out media content to become familiar with the different styles.  Remember: if you don’t like the music, you won’t have fun. Find a clothing style you’re comfortable with. Some dress up in costume or rave-specific clothing, whilst other wear comfortable clothing to allow for freestyle dancing. Some ravers like to wear coloured beads and face masks referred to as Kandi or Kandii. Others do not like to wear this, as it can be associated with a stereotype of rave immaturity. Others like lasers and strobes, whilst some prefer to dance with minimal lighting. Cargo pants are a common item of clothing worn at raves, as they promote movement and freedom whilst dancing, and are often decorated with light strips, Kandi and colourful streamers. Have fun by playing around with different styles, to see what best suits you. Finally, have fun learning a few dance moves. Start off in your own time, practice and progress as you get used to it and the different styles of music. It may take a while to learn some rave dance moves, but try watching some videos of dancers, and use the guide in this blog to help you.

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