How to rave dance

Rave dancingStemming from interpretational dance, rave dancing should be dictated by the music you are listening to at the time of dancing. Common dance styles at raves include hip hop, house, trance music and electronica spin offs.  Rave dancing is a grand dance form – it should take over one’s body with the rhythm of the beat. A rave dancer wants to look as large and as present on the dance floor as possible, without hurting someone else in the crowded space. Rave dancing is treated as an individual and private experience. Raving is an improvisational, inner dance – it is not about trying to impress an audience; rave dancing is about one’s own experience and expression. Some of the more common rave dance moves about at present include:

★   Dance Walk – this is an involuntary movement whilst walking to the beat. It is carefree and takes up a large portion of the dance floor.

★   Jump Around – This move involves feeling the music and jumping, hopping and bopping to the beat. It can be accompanied by the use of hand held lasers and glow sticks.

★   Shuffling – Level: Expert. Shuffling is an evolved move tailored to each dancer’s individual style.  A YouTube tutorial is needed for this move!

★   Hair Swing –  An easy and carefree move, this style of dance requires you to move your head with the beat, creating flowy hair that moves with the rhythm.

★   Pseudo-Stage – Imagining you are the main show, this requires you to sing along, pretend you are singing into a microphone, getting your fellow dancers to cheer you on, and acting like the king of the dance floor.

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